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(under construction, i guess) ;-;


Whitlock Kiara // One Piece OC
decided it was time for an update on her profile so here it is yay
i changed tiny bits of her design and story and stuff from the last (and first lol) version (here)
and hope you like her as much as i do! rabbit heart emoji 

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1]

name : Whitlock Kiara
age : pre-timeskip / 33
        post-timeskip / 35
birthday : 31st October
birthplace : Micqueot (North Blue)
ephitet : Hurricane Kiara
affiliation : Revolutionary Army
devil fruit : Kaze Kaze no mi ; 風風の実  / wind-wind fruit / Logia

~ story & relationships / enemies :

- Donquixote Rosinante : when Kiara was 18, she met Rosinante in her hometown. The Marine Headquarters had received a report about a pirate attack in Micqueot, so Sengoku had decided to send him to check what was going on, as it was a kid who had called and it could have been a joke, but they needed to make sure. Once there, he observed it was a peaceful village, and when he asked about the reported attack he only got negative responses, so he came to the conclusion it had only been a kid's joke. As it was too early to set sail already, he headed to the nearest bar to test the good wine he had heard they had. But, showing off his clumsy side, once he stepped in the bar he bumped into Kiara and they both fell to the ground. When they both stood up, the first thing that came to their minds was how cute the other person was. After that encounter, the Marine Commander decided to stay in Micqueot for a few days more just to see the pretty girl once again. Though he called Sengoku to ask for a short holiday, he didn't even talked about his main purpose about staying there. The next day, while he was just wandering through the town, he bumped into her again. But before she could go away, he offered her a drink and this is how their story began. They fell in love with each other really quickly, and even if they were kinda scared of how fast it all went and how it could end as quick as it started, they kept their relationship. After two years, Rosinante entered the Donquixote Pirates to stop Doflamingo's madness as he felt it was his responsibility as his little brother. Even though Kiara begged to go with him, Rosi knew it would be too dangerous for her and he forbade her to come along. Nevertheless, he promised to write her a letter every once he had time, which turned to be every sunday.

- Donquixote Doflamingo : Rosinante kept his promise during the two years they were apart, until the accident. As every sunday, Kiara waited for her letter from Rosi, but this time it never came. She waited for weeks, worried about if he had been badly injured or anything worse, until in a moonless night, Doflamingo appeared in her house. Before she could ever ask who was he nor what was going on, he admitted he killed Rosinante, laughing, heartless, without any regret in his voice. Kiara didn't believe him at first, but not so long after, she went completely crazy and attacked him using her devil fruit powers, which she couldn't still control and caused the destruction of half of her town. Meanwhile, she received multiple wounds and got a terrible scar on her ribs. Doflamingo stated he didn't want to kill her yet and left Micqueot. Feeling the urge to avenge Rosinante's death, she packed her things (including Rosi's letters), set sail and chased after the Donquixote Pirates for months.

- Dragon : he casually found her unconscious after she fought against Doflamingo for the third time, with a deep wound in her leg. He took her to his ship and sailed to Baltigo, where the doctors of the Revolutionary Army treated her wounds and took care of her until she woke up. When Kiara awakened, she felt confused and still in pain from the fight, but she even tried to escape. Dragon caught her and immediately sent her to bed again, and when she calmed down, proposed her to join the Revolutionary Army, as he had heard a lot about her lately (once she left her hometown, they started calling her Hurricane Kiara, due to the catastrophe she caused). She first refused his proposal, wanting to get on chasing the devil himself, but after some days where she was kept in bed and had the opportunity to think well about her situation, she finally accepted. And when she recovered, started training to control her abilities and get stronger.

- Sabo : two months after Kiara's incorporation in the Revolutionary Army, the blonde injured boy was brought to Baltigo. Once they treated his wounds and healed the terrible scar in his eye, Sabo joined them. At first, Kiara was unpleasant to him (and everyone except Dragon, who saved her) and would spend hours isolated in the old library of the Revolutionaries' base unless they had any mission. But the years passed and she slowly started to accept their presence, which she ended up liking. Right now, Kiara is under Sabo's command.

- Koala : as well as with Sabo and the other revolutionaries, she wasn't nice to Koala, even though she had just joined them. As time went by, Koala managed to befriend her and they now work and train together most of the time. They also share room.

- Nico Robin : Robin trained with the Revolutionary Army after they picked her from Tequila Wolf, where Kuma sent her. Due to the close age gap between she and Kiara, it didn't take much time until they became friends, also because they shared their love on reading.

- Trafalgar Law : Rosinante had mentioned his name multiple times in his letters and she was curious to know about him. Kiara tried to contact Law, but she couldn't find him until he got his first bounty. Taking advantage of her location in one of her missions, slipped away for awhile as she had heard the Heart Pirates were there as well. She showed up in their submarine, and when they tried to attack her as they didn't believe she 'knew' their captain, she mentioned Rosinante's name which caught Law's attention, and he ordered them to stop the attack. Cora-san had talked about her a whole lot, and was curious to know what brought her to his ship. He made his crew leave them alone, so then they could calmly talk about whatever Kiara had to say. She, going straight to the point, asked him what really happened the day Rosinante died, as she only knew who caused his death. After a long talk and two cups of tea, Law finished explaining her the whole story; even though, he wasn't too comfortable talking about it at first. But he thought she deserved to know what happened as he knew how much Corazon loved her. When Kiara's visit ended, she promised Law she would keep contact with him, even if he refused. Until today, she has kept an eye on Law's moves and has sometimes called him, and he has always picked up her calls.

~ physical appearance :

- height : 1,67 m
- weight : (Kiara: not telling!)
- physical characteristics : long pink hair, quite curly, big green eyes, freckles, pale skin, two scars under her breasts.

~ characteristics :

traits - overprotective, quiet, impatient, honest, trustworthy, cautious, smiley and intelligent.
fears - darkness, losing someone.
likes - reading, silence, cold weather, earrings, tea and watermelons.
dislikes - fizzy drinks, loud people, and having nightmares.

~ random facts :

- she never met her parents; she was raised by an aunt who died when she was just 15.
- she ate her Devil Fruit at the age of 16, by accident.
- she looks younger than she actually is (which makes her quite happy).
- she always carries a bag, that contains a journal, some pens, an eternal pose to Baltigo in case she ever needs it, and gloves for work.
- she still can't use her DF powers very well and doesn't like fighting much so most of the time she hides or runs.
- when Sabo collapsed after getting his memory back, she spent the three days he was unconsious crying.
- prefers doing paperwork than going to actual missions.
- she was actually offered by Dragon to go to Dressrosa with Sabo, Koala and the others, but declined it. Nonetheless, when she found out Law was there too she regretted not going.

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1]

ps. might add new things eventually since i feel like i'm missing something ?? and sorry for any grammar mistakes i've done cx
i can't remember when i drew this but it's from last year for sure lmao
i need to improve with coloring this looks so plain ;-;
but it's still one of my favorite drawing i've made kaomoji set 1 9/19 

anyway, i went to see kimi no na wa on saturday and saw ed sheeran on concert yesterday and i'm trying to be productive today but it's impossible Emoji26 aaah so much work to be done i'm gonna cry Kao Emoji-43(Sad waving) [V3] 


No journal entries yet.


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